Rent at a Negative Cash Flow vs. Sell for a Loss

Rent at a Negative Cash Flow vs. Sell for a Loss

Owning a property has continued to be a good housing option for the past decade if you are in the Las Vegas area. If you are a property owner here and continue to live in your home for a while, you will continue to build equity. While there is a lot of opportunity for a good outcome when buying a home, there are still going to be situations when you may need to move and may not receive a good financial outcome. In these cases, you may be forced to either sell the home for a loss or rent it out. It is important to carefully evaluate both options to understand the risks.

Renting Out Your Home

If you are in a position where selling your home could be too expensive and not result in receiving cash out of it, renting your home to a tenant is an option to consider. However, there are risks that can come with this approach. One of the most significant concerns could be that you will not be able to rent your home for enough to cover your expenses. This could then result in having a negative cash flow that you will have to cover each month.

It is important that you carefully evaluate your potential cash flow if you do want to rent out a home. By analyzing local rental comps, you should get an idea of what you could receive in monthly rent. This then needs to be compared to all expenses that come with owning your home, which can include mortgage payments, taxes and insurance, maintenance and utilities, and even management or leasing fees. You should also ensure you have a reserve to cover potential vacancies and larger repair needs.

Sell Your Home

Due to the significant costs that can come with renting out a home, many will find that selling makes more fiscal sense. If you do have a home that you need to sell, you will want to sell it for as much as possible. However, there are situations in which a property may decline in value or the increase is not enough to cover the costs that come with selling a home. In these cases, you may have to sell your home at a loss and even come out of pocket to pay off the balance of the mortgage.

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