How to Sell a House Without a Realtor in Las Vegas

Are you thinking of selling a home in Las Vegas without a realtor? That may be a smart decision. If you decide not to work with a real estate agent, you save about 6% in real estate commissions. For example, if your home’s price is $300,000, you can save up to about $18,000. You are probably wondering: How is it possible to sell a home without a realtor? There is a quick and efficient option that many people do not know about — selling your property to a home investor or cash buyer. This method has many advantages over the traditional sale process. It is quick, transparent, and it allows home sellers to receive their money immediately.

Find a Reliable Home Investor

The first step in selling your property to a cash buyer is finding a home investor to work with. There are different ways to do it. For example, you can use such websites as Google or Craigslist. You can also contact the local records office, which will provide you with information about home sales in your area. And if you are looking for a trustworthy home investor in Las Vegas, you can always contact We Buy Houses Las Vegas. Our dedicated team of real estate professionals is always ready to assist you.

Receive and Review a Cash Offer From a Cash Buyer

After a cash buyer evaluates your property, they will present you with a cash offer. Your task is to make sure that the offer is fair. There is no pressure to accept it. Most cash buyers provide you with enough time to review the offer and decide whether you want to move forward or not.

There are certain things you can do to make sure that the amount you were offered is fair. If your property is in good shape, you can check similar properties that were sold in your area or neighborhood. Do not forget to subtract a realtor’s fee and add a discount if you think the benefits may be worth it.

Also, when you are reviewing a cash offer from a cash buyer, make sure to ask them for proof of funds, confirming that they have enough money to pay for your property. It can be a letter from their bank signed by a bank officer or a bank statement.

Sign the Purchase Agreement

The standard purchase agreement prepared and provided by a cash buyer should include the following information: the price of the home, the closing date, and the deposit. You can review the agreement yourself, or you can do it with your lawyer.

Also, many cash buyers today prefer making “sight unseen” offers that do not include a home inspection. They usually make these offers when they do not care about the property’s condition or when they are interested in the land value more than in the house. Sight unseen offers close very fast — in no more than 10 days. Here at We Buy Houses Las Vegas, we perform an in-person walkthrough before we make our cash offer.

Close On the Deal

The last step is closing on the sale. This does not take longer than two weeks, which is much faster than a traditional sale that can take months. Moreover, it is more convenient and involves less paperwork.

Sell Your Home Fast to We Buy Houses Las Vegas

If you are the owner of a home in Las Vegas that you want to sell as quickly as possible, you should contact We Buy Houses Las Vegas. Our team consists of passionate real estate professionals whose mission is to make the home-selling process as simple and straightforward for their clients as possible. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our company or the process.